You expected an "Easter Egg"
for finding the "#" key?

We at PHonePHriendly.Com are glad you were exploring the possibilities of pressing choices on your mobile phone. The last menu you were on did not have a menu choice for "#", but we like to encourage experimenting with your own equipment. So now that you're here, here's a few things to amuse you.

Press the digit of the menu choice on your phone dial.
1 Cheshire's Humor Directory
2 A Day In The Life of a Directory Assistance Operator - Notes from a talk I gave in 2002.
3 Why FLASH Sucks for Advertisers
4 How I got My Own Area Code
5 Explaining Cheshire's Identity
6 PhonePhriendly.Com, where Cheshire makes web pages friendly to mobile phone web browsers.

* 0 #

* Cheshire's Home Page, ordinary HTML
0 Call Cheshire, dial 321-Liftoff on your mobile phone.

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